• KFC's New Packaging


    The chicken chain said the new look is a "more modern take" on the KFC's signature red and white colors. Colonel Sanders' head will still adorn the buckets, sandwich wrappers and cups, but the refreshed designs will more closely imitate its original signature bucket.

    KFC said it's adding reheating instructions, a brief blurb about the history of its fried chicken and is bringing back the "It's Finger Lickin' Good" slogan to its buckets. The phrase briefly disappeared last year because of the pandemic.

      The addition the reheating instructions is likely the result of customers buying more fast food to have for leftovers so they could limit their exposure to Covid-19. That behavior has largely remained the same throughout the pandemic, Yum Brands (YUM) said in its most recent earnings call.

      The packaging is also becoming slightly more environmentally friendly. KFC said it worked with Sustainable Forestry Initiative and Forest Stewardship Council to develop approved paperboard that can be recycled.

        It's the newest announcement from KFC. Last year, it rolled out a new restaurant design and this year it has added new menu items, like a flagship chicken sandwich that has performed well.

        In recent months, Burger King and McDonald's also released new and more modern packaging to keep customers engaged.



        From product protection to marketing, packaging serves a multitude of purposes.

        The targeted audience must be able to quickly grasp the need, purpose, and use of a product from its packaging to want to buy it.

        A rather cynical and hard-to-please audience is children. Easily bored and extremely dependent on visual stimulation, the young demographic needs instant engagement features even before they reach the toys inside.