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  • Specifi Product Brochure

    The first specification management tool delivered at low cost with high capability. &bull access your specifications from anywhere at any time in real time. &bull use templates to save time, standardize data, help control costs and eliminate errors.
  • Guidelines For Pharmaceutical Labelling In China

     These guidelines set out the labelling requirements in respect of pharmaceutical products for the purpose of registration. The requirements should not be treated as exhaustive.
  • Plastic Waste Management And Handling Rules, 2011

    s.o. 249e. Whereas the draft rules, namely, the plastic manufacture, usage and waste management rules, 2009 were published by the government of india in the ministry of environment and forest vide number s.o. 2400e.
  • Food Technology Show 2011

    Food processing industry in india is currently growing at a rate of 14.9 . This growth is expected to increase to 25 cagr in 2014. The potential for processed foods is estimated to reach from rs. 3300 bn 70 bn in 2009 10 to rs. 9800 bn210 in 2014 15.
  • Economic Times News 04.02.11

    The ongoing political turmoil in egypt has forced many indian consumer companies to temporarily suspend operations, giving rise to fears that earnings might be affected in case of a protracted crisis.
  • Art Of Roll Winding

    Every web manufacturer and converter is faced with the challenge of winding quality rolls of their high quality products. This paper provides definition of a quality roll of paper, film or nonwoven material.
  • Pepsis Cookie Bite

  • Braille On Folding Cartons

    In 1825, frenchman louis braille 18091852 invented a reading system for the blind through which the alphabet, numbers, and punctuation marks were represented in a tangible form via a series of raised dots. The braille system established itself internationally, and is now in use in all languages.
  • Packaging With Universal Appeal

    As much as packaging professional hate to admit it, packaging isn&rsquot always as userfriendly as it should be. Childresistant packaging that gives seniors fits is the obvious example, but it isn&rsquot the only one.
  • Innovative And Ecological Flexible Packaging

    Ecological flexible packaging has become increasingly important to all who are concerned about the future wellbeing of our planet.
  • Creative Director

    Great packaging nothing gets a customers attention like an outstanding package design. At the point of purchase, packaging is the direct link with the consumer. Packaging appeals to you customers sense of style and desires to help them make a decision.
  • Sustainability Report Henkel

    As early as 1992, henkel published its fi rst environment report. It was subsequently developed and refi ned, evolving into today&rsquos annual sustainability report.
  • Fragrance, Cosmetics Glas Containers From Heinz Glas

    1622 Foundation Of Heinzglas In Piesauthuringia &Bull 1661 Heinz Starts Glassplant And Village Kleintettau &Bull 1949 Foundation Of Another Heinzglasfactory In Schleideneifel &Bull 1955 Heinz Plastics Starts In Kleintettau &Bull 1985 Heinz Saves Glassworks In Momignies &Bull 1
  • Gerresheimer Update

    On november 3 and 4, gerresheimer welcomed pharma customers and business partners to the first gerresheimer pharma days in the us. At this event, gerresheimer not only presented its entire product portfolio, but also provided visitors with a diverse and interesting framework program.
  • Anand Sarkar Director Packaging International Pepsico International

    In packaging industry, there is now more awareness on environmental sustainability & increased investment are happening on international benchmarking.
  • Health Is The Mantra

    Food for thought snacking was never a healthier proposition. From biscuit to noodles, brands are chanting the health mantra and customers are jumping on to the eat right bandwagon.
  • Vikas Gupta Country Manager L&E India Pvt Ltd

    India Is Going To Be Technology Driven Packaging Industry Which Will Have More Of Logical Developments In Future
  • Attitude Is Everything

    In 1980, i graduated from law school and thought i&rsquod be a lawyer for the rest of my life. After all, that&rsquos what i&rsquod wanted to do since my early teenage years. At first, everything went according to plan.
  • Sustainability 2010

    The consumer packaged goods cpg industry is weathering the economy&rsquos emergence from the recession as we start a new year and a new decade. One question on everyone&rsquos mind is whether sustainability initiatives will be a casualty of the recession.
  • Presto Compression Strength & Bursting Strength Tester

    The presto compression tester is used to check the compression resistance and longterm stacking strength of individual boxes, bulk containers and pallets. It stimulates the compressive load the package may experience in storage or during shipment due to stacking.
  • kontone

    First of its kind in providing online recruitment services, educational networking and other related services solely dedicated for the printing, packaging, publishing and allied fields.providing an online job portal solely dedicated for printing, publishing, packaging & allied fields for easi
  • Product Line Catalogue

    Our expertise in packing butter, margarine and dairy products goes back over 50 years. We continuously renovate and adapt our machines to suit the changing demands of our customers. Our technical staff develops reliable, innovative and tailormade solutions.
  • artwork management solution in packaging labelling

    &bull multiple stakeholders &bull lack of critical path &bull long lead times &bull missed deadlines &bull compliance issues &bull increased costs &bull duplication of information &bull no auditable workflow of all approvals &bull paper based artwork feedback a