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Versatile, sustainable packaging, the complete SACMI range at Djazagro 2020

From modular labellers to complete capsule, container and preform manufacturing solutions, plus a wide range for the chocolate and packaging industries. The watchwords: maximum flexibility and efficiency, with a sharp focus on sustainable packaging
SACMI is gearing up for Djazagro 2020, the international agro-industrial fair being held from 6th to 9th April 2020 in the city of Algiers. There follow five good reasons to visit the SACMI stand, which will be showcasing new, sustainable, versatile solutions that reduce the consumption of both energy and raw materials.
FlexiKube, market-leading versatility. With its latest range of FlexiKube labellers, SACMI has set a new standard for the medium-speed labelling sector. Developed for applications with output rates of up to 20,000 cph, the FlexiKube platform stands out on account of its capacity to handle - with maximum efficiency - multiple technologies and labelling systems, all on one platform. Alongside fully modular labelling stations (roll-fed, self-adhesive, cold glue, hot melt), the user-friendly FlexiKube platform has ultra-low maintenance requirements and offers the long-term reliability that stems from SACMI Beverage's unmatched know-how and experience.
Blo 2 Fill XL, a single large-format container stretch-blowing and filling interface. This solution completes the SACMI range for sizes of up to 12 litres. All models are designed to operate directly on the line with SACMI electronic-volumetric fillers. In the Blo 2 Fill configuration, the system allows for the control of both stretch-blow moulder and filler - preform insertion and extraction included - via a single HMI panel, without any need for mechanical set-up.
CCM, the advantages of first-class technology. Shorter cycle times and lower energy consumption, independent control of individual cavity-moulds, flexibility as regards employed resin type and quantity: three key factors that have made CCM a huge success. Now, this closures compression press range is available for multilayer applications (single-serve capsules) and, thanks to integration with the anti-tamper band slitting solution, tethered applications too. Processes that use lower quantities of virgin material and also utilise compostable resins are just two advantages of an intrinsically superior technology that SACMI has now applied in the adjacent sector of container production (CBF, compression blow forming), most notably in the pharma and dairy sectors.
IPS, new horizons for sustainable PET. What makes the latest generation of SACMI injection presses so outstanding is their ability to operate - to the highest standards of productivity and efficiency on the market - with 100% recycled PET (and raw materials in flake form in quantities as high as 50%). Easily recycled, PET is playing an ever-greater role in the drive towards sustainable packaging. The advantages of the SACMI range include the ability to process recycled resins with standard machines, thus ensuring outstanding reliability, efficiency and process performance.
Packaging&Chocolate, the 'sweet side' of SACMI. For many years now, Djazagro has been a first-class showcase for SACMI's Carle&Montanari, OPM and FIMA brands, providers of first-class solutions for the processing and packaging of chocolate and other confectionery products.
Offering all the skill and reliability that stem from over a century of experience, SACMI Packaging&Chocolate is the ideal partner for start-ups and established chocolate producers alike that are looking for a skilled sole provider who can guide their choices and provide support throughout the entire process. Alongside a new range of chocolate preparation and moulding solutions (a sector in which the Carle&Montanari brand has led the way for over 50 years) customers can now count on new robotized solutions for wrapping, primary and secondary packaging, with a range that, in secondary packaging, extends to other food and non-food products.

Come and see us at Djazagro 2020 (stand #CT F076). The SACMI team will be at your disposal to illustrate the full range of solutions and the advanced assistance package that SACMI Customer Service provides before, during and after the sale.
SACMI. Leading the way. Worldwide.


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