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Tapping into synergy effects

R+E Automation showcases assembly machines for pen and auto-injectors and blood collection tubes]

In addition to Optima Pharma, one of the newest members of the Optima Group will also be exhibiting at P-MEC: R+E Automation, based in Fellbach near Stuttgart (Germany). The company manufactures assembly machines for products including pen and auto-injectors and blood collection tubes, and complements the portfolio of the Optima Pharma division.

“Anything with a needle is a matter for R+E,” says Eugen Wanner, Director International Sales. The company is presenting its portfolio at P-MEC in the Indian city of Delhi from December 12 to 14, 2018. Not only does this include assembly machines for pen and autoinjectors and blood collection tubes, it also incorporates feed systems. The machines fit syringes that have been filled by Optim Pharma’s systems in the pen and auto-injectors used by diabetes patients, for example. This means that customers receive complete systems that integrate technologies and expertise from both R+E and Optima Pharma.

Assembly solutions for this application are the main focus at the trade fair, as is the company’s latest innovation: an assembly system for blood collection tubes that can be used to process all common additives.