The new Nova tablet dispenser from RPC Bramlage VelkyMeder, part of the RPC Bramlage Division, offers a stylish and user-friendly solution that meets the highest demands of consumers.

Perfect for hot drink sweeteners, the Nova’s three-piece injection moulded design combines an attractive modern shape with a smooth and fluid dispensing mechanism. The curved lines are comfortable to hold while allowing easy one-handed operation.

The Nova is available in three sizes, containing up to 350, 650 and 1200 tablets, ideal for family ranges, and the two larger sizes can be specified with a tamper-evident feature. Typical tablet sizes are 5mm x 2mm and 5mm x 2.5mm but tests can be carried out to assess the dispenser’s suitability for other sizes.

The Nova’s glossy finish is complemented by a choice of decoration options including labelling or the colouring of individual components, to create brand individuality and on-shelf appeal.

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