PACKPACT Your partner in advanced processing & packaging

A network of industry-leading companies in processing and packaging which enables the market the expertise, effectiveness and exhaustiveness of a one-stop-shop service. 
The Italian companies joining the network stand out for their expertise and their innovative projects; they are present on several markets with the aim to provide all clients comprehensive technological solutions and to optimize their business. 
A complementary network shaped by companies representing the Italian excellence in processing and packaging, able to compete in the global market with all the international big players. 
Packpact Your partner in advanced processing & packaging gives clients the chance to benefit from top technological solutions by industry-leading companies and the possibility to refer to a unique partner for all manufacturing needs, with a comprehensive range of integrated solutions, and unmatched made-in-Italy technology. 



Cama Group is an international leader in the engineering and production of high technology secondary packaging systems. Cama’s outstanding packaging knowledge combined with a unique machines range (Packaging Division) and robotic loading units (Robotic Division), highlights Cama Group’s capability to offer completely integrated packaging lines from primary packages all the way through to final packaging ready for palletizing. Since 1981, Cama has been offering and developing a continuous partnership and services to all its customers, including major multinational groups and medium size companies, working across Food industries (Bakery, Confectionery, Coffee, Ice Cream, Dairy, Ready Meals, Grocery), Non Food industries (Personal, Home-care and Health-care) and Pet Food industries. Flexibility, accessibility and easy maintenance of Cama solutions are highly appreciated by customers. Constant investments in innovation and a global consulting approach have enabled Cama to produce extremely flexible offers on its systems, based on their different customers needs. Its wide range of successful machines and robotic systems include case packers for retail-ready packaging (wrap-around or display boxes), cartoning and sleeving machines to satisfy any packaging request: bags, boxes, cups, flow-wraps and rigid containers, pouches, bottles, bricks/cans, trays, blisters, jars and more. 


Founded in 1987, Clevertech is located in Emilia Romagna, near to the town of Reggio Emilia, with a plant that stretches over 10.000 square meters. Clevertech is a leader in the automation sector, able to design and manufacture customized systems for Front and End of Lines Automation. Clevertech Group design and produce palletizers, depalletizers, and integrated handling systems for a wide variety of industries with customized 

PACKPACT — YOUR PARTNER IN ADVANCED PROCESSING & PACKAGING Honegger Srl - Via F. Carlini - 20146 Milano T +39 02 4779 1446 F +39 02 4895 3748 

equipment designed to meet the most specific requirements in terms of productivity and technical features. The company’s team is made of 150 talented resources, working together to produce exceptional results and focusing on mutual support and exchange of experiences. Worldwide presence allows Clevertech to be always close to its customers, both for the pre-order phase and the after-sales service. Customer focused - Develop a strong and long-lasting partnership with our customers to offer solutions designed to meet the demands of the market. Holistic approach - A key engineering approach which takes into consideration all aspects of a packaging handling system. Maximized performance - Ensure high standards in terms of quality, reliability, safety and achievement of installations. 


Ilpra was established in 1955 with the aim of designing and producing reliable, leading-edge packaging machines. In the same year, the first Italian thermosealing machine was built, highlighting the company’s focus on innovation and market orientation. In 1982 Ilpra built and introduced into the market the first modified atmosphere thermosealing traysealer machine, still today a leading product in the packaging market. The company has seen steady growth from the 1980s: ongoing investment in research and development, constant emphasis on technological innovation, high quality and reliability of its products, combined with important commercial investments, led to the rapid spread of the Ilpra brand in Europe and subsequently also worldwide. Ilpra’s thermosealing, filling/dosing, thermoforming machines are reference models in the packaging market and provide leading edge packaging solutions, boasting high quality standards, precision and high performance. Today, the Ilpra group encompasses several local branches in the main major world markets and boasts a global network of distributors and service support centres that provide widespread knowledge and expertise in target markets. All this makes Ilpra an undisputed worldwide leader in food, industrial and medical applications packaging sectors. The R&D Department constantly strives to anticipate and fulfil the changing demands of the market and to offer cutting-edge machines, so as to provide customers with a wide range of packaging solutions. 


Modularity, flexibility, practicality are the three key concepts that synthesize the style and the philosophy of a dynamic company which has made technological innovation its strength. This is what the market requires and what Makro Labelling offers its customers; the company, indeed, is currently an international point of reference in the field of industrial labelling machines for the beverage, food, home and personal care and pharmaceutical industries. Thanks to thirty years of its founders’ experience, customers satisfaction about any labelling requirements has always been guaranteed by a solid international sales network, timely pre- and post-sales service and operational flexibility. With the ability to anticipate the demands of a constantly evolving market, Makro Labelling’s mission is to design leading-edge solutions for the global market, to provide life-long labelling machines and to meet customers’ daily production requirements the best possible way. Makro Labelling has successfully substantiated its leadership on European and overseas markets by building up a strong network of agencies and representatives and direct branches, through 

PACKPACT — YOUR PARTNER IN ADVANCED PROCESSING & PACKAGING Honegger Srl - Via F. Carlini - 20146 Milano T +39 02 4779 1446 F +39 02 4895 3748 

which it approaches the international market. Quality, innovation and service are the strengths of Makro Labelling’s nationally and internationally recognized credibility. 


Founded in 1966, Ronchi Mario S.p.A. is specialized in the manufacture of packaging lines for liquid products and is nowadays acknowledged as one of the reference suppliers of multinational groups of companies leaders in the personal care, household, pharmaceutical and food industries. The range of machines manufactured by Ronchi can meet the most sophisticated needs of international Customers, thanks to their extraordinary qualities which incorporate full reliability, extreme accuracy at work, highest hygiene and safety for the operators. Ronchi Mario S.p.A. can study and realize integrated solutions, and test the whole line with the Customer before shipment inside the 20.000 sq. mts. modern plant. Ronchi Mario S.p.A. are the single partner for customized solutions suitable to satisfy any requirements of the packaging industry operators. A capillary network of sales and technical assistance all over the world ensures prompt and timely service, by providing full support for the RONCHI Customers in every country. Ronchi’s product line includes: Bottle Unscramblers capable to run at very high speed and suitable to handle a large variety of bottle formats; Bottle Orientors to match whichever orienting requirement (bottles with handles, out-of-center neck, etc.); Puck inserters and Depuckers; Filling-Capping Monoblocks of the renowned EXACTA series, suitable to fill liquid products into bottles of the most varied shapes and formats, and the consequent closure with caps, spouts, overcaps, spray pumps, dispenser pumps, triggers. etc. 


Italian group, family-owned, among the leaders in the end-of-line market, Tosa Group is able to meet every need for stabilization and safety of loads, whether palletized or not, with its complete range of wrapping machines, strapping machines, shrinking machines and pallet handling systems in 115 countries. Tosa Group for over 40 years has observed the market with a critical eye, anticipating its needs. There is always room for innovation, and a change in perspective is the best way to discover new approaches. The mission is building reliable and long-lasting machines, products of innovation, able to bear with maximum efficiency the stabilization and protection of any palletized load. Tosa Groups knows how to finalize your work to the best, anticipating problems and proposing effective and innovating solutions for any kind of market or field. Innovation starts from the client’s needs: the most effective products grow on-field, breathing potentiality, threats and opportunity. Tosa Group is close to its clients, it knows the market and fully understands every little change. Specializations melt together and TG R&D department is characterized by an unrelieved excitement. Much space is dedicated to empirical evidence and to laboratory data analysis. 


In 1965 Universal-Pack entered the world of automatic sachet machines and has created innovative solutions and the most effective technologies for packaging, becoming the leading manufacturer of automatic vertical sachet machines among the best companies in the packaging industry. 

PACKPACT — YOUR PARTNER IN ADVANCED PROCESSING & PACKAGING Honegger Srl - Via F. Carlini - 20146 Milano T +39 02 4779 1446 F +39 02 4895 3748 

Precision, efficiency, reliability and mechanical durability are the characteristics for which the company is known all around the world. Universal-pack’s packaging machines and complete lines for primary and secondary packaging can produce sachets sealed on all 4 sides, shaped, stick- packs and boxes, from flat blank as well as pre-glued cartons. All types of machines are designed, manufactured and assembled at the company’s factory in Italy: automatic vertical sachet machines, standard machines, customized stand-alone machines with ad hoc dosing systems, modular lines and integrated lines for the primary and secondary packaging sector, to package many products with the most varied chemical-physical characteristics. Universal-pack can be considered as a single supplier for complete automatic lines, offering the design solution that best suits customers’ needs. In 50 years Universal-pack has gained the experience and knowledge necessary to produce machines for all industry sectors: food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, chemical and cosmetics. 

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