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Ranstadt, december 7, 2009. The growing number of single person households and the unabated trend towards togo products have resulted in one thing above all for the food industry the market for portion packs is growing at a rapid pace. Consequently, the demand for packaging machines that are able to form, fill and seal as many portion cups in one minute as possible is just as great. Thus kaptein bv, the dutch manufacturer of butter and cheese, has commissioned oystar hassia &ndash the leader in technology for portion packs &ndash with developing a ffs machine with a 60fold format design. This is already the third order that the dutch company has placed with oystar hassia. With its increased production capacity the thl 2448 forming, filling and sealing machine will manufacture 60 portion cups per work cycle in the future at a machine speed of 30 cycles per minute. This translates into 1,800 portion cups every minute or a total of 108,000 per hour. By comparison, just a few years ago the standard was still a 20fold format design with a rate of 20 cycles per minute. Apart from individual packaging the ffs machine for kaptein will also manufacture 5 and 10portion multipackaging units. It will be supplemented with an sph 2550 type cartoning machine. Thus oystar hassia will supply its customer with an entire packaging line from a single source. About oystar hassia hassia verpackungsmaschinen gmbh with its principal place of business in ranstadt hesse, germany is a globally operating company in the oystar group. The company develops and designs highquality forming, filling and sealing machines ffs, including aseptic packaging for prolonged shelf life and stickpacks for pasty products. The company&rsquos portfolio focuses on applications for the dairy and food industry. about oystar group oystar &ndash the process & packaging group is one of the world&rsquos leading suppliers of packaging machinery, technology and services. Oystar has extensive process knowhow in the key industries of dairy products, food and beverages, as well as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Based in stutensee near karlsruhe, the holding company currently represents 17 manufacturing companies as well as numerous sales and service companies. At present oystar holding employs a workforce of approximately 2,500 worldwide and generated a total of eur 465 million in sales in 2008. press contact laura wilms möller pr tel. 49 0 89 45 20 79 99 email url

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