Manjushree To Host Futurepac 09 And Packaging Excellence Awards

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Bangalore 9th july, 2009 bangalore based plastic packaging group, manjushree technopack ltd, will be celebrating its silver jubilee by conducting a panindia futurepac conference and hosting the packaging innovation and excellence awards ceremony, on july 13th, 09. Copromoted by the indian packaging institute ipi and sponsored by reliance industries limited, futurepac 09, will include speakers such as mr. Ramesh chauhan, chairman, bisleri international and mr. Asim parekh, vice president, coca cola india, deliberating upon topics such as &lsquoevolution of bottled water concept in india and its future&rsquo and &lsquoimportance of packaging on buying behaviour of the consumer&rsquo, respectively. The seminar will be moderated by mr. J.r.shah, from iip. The seminar also includes delegates such as mr. Christian krautkramer from bericap, germany, who will speak about &lsquohow a cap manufacturer can contribute to cost saving and sustainability by innovative design&rsquo mr. Yogesh bellani, business head, delmonte foods will address the gathering on &lsquoglobal beverages markets vs indian beverage markets &ndash room for growth&rsquo and mr. Subba bangera, managing director, sidel india, who will present his views on &lsquoemerging opportunities in beverage industry&rsquo. Following the seminar will be the &lsquomanjushree awards for packaging innovation and excellence&rsquo ceremony. The awards will be given under the following five categories, with one award for each category. Manjushree award for innovation and excellence in the area of plastic waste disposal and recycling &ndash given to individuals and establishments involved in sensible disposal and recycling initiatives. Manjushree award for innovation and excellence for best design using plastic an award for the most unique and distinctive concept designed to cater to customer needs, with importance given to size, shape, colour, weight and application. Manjushree award for the fastest growing enterprise in plastic packaging. To the company that encompasses processing, design, development, and manufacturing of plastics and plastic products. This prestigious award recognizes the ambition, focus and resultant growth demonstrated by plastic processing enterprises, with specific focus on two categories namely, rigid packaging and household plastic products. Each of these two categories will have one award respectively. The manjushree award for innovation and excellence in conservation of energy and ecology will be presented to the most environmentally conscious company in the fraternity. The winner will be chosen based on safe practices, measures, processes, materials and the management of their surroundings. The manjushree award for outstanding individual contribution to the industry is the fifth award and will be given to just one winner who will be chosen depending on criteria such as his or her work, higher levels of achievements long standing association, and his or her ability to be indispensable. The award is given to mark his or her contributions to the plastic packaging industry. The seminar and awards ceremony will be held at the taj west end, bangalore from 3 pm 8 pm. Experts from different industries such as softdrinks, bottled water and juices, will be attending the conference. To know more about the conference awards ceremony, manjushree can also be contacted on 918027832245 or by email &ndash about manjushree technopack ltd. Bangalore based plastic packaging major, manjushree technopack ltd., is a 25 million rs.120 crore listed public limited company, with over 25 years of packaging experience in india. Involved in the manufacture of specialty plastic packaging products for domestic export markets, it caters to the needs of leading companies in fmcg, pharma and food processing sectors. Established in 1982, manjushree has built expertise in all kinds of rigid packaging solutions including pet containers, multilayer pp containers and pet preforms, that utilise european, japanese and canadian technologies. It has recently commissioned the state of the art husky systems to manufacture pet preforms for the beverage and bottled water industry.

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