Haselmeier Launches New Axis Pen Platform

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Haselmeier Gmbh

 Haselmeier launches new axis pen platform haselmeier gmbh has announced the introduction of the axisd pen and axisr pensystems available in reusable or disposable versions. Both pen designs are based on aninnovative technology featuring a sliding dose window which makes them appropriate foruse with a wide range of biotech and pharmaceutical products. They are available inmetal or plastic, compatible with 3ml cartridges and all fill volumes and can becustomized to meet any patient needs.robert j. Kilgore, vice president global marketing and business development athaselmeier commented, "we are proud to introduce the axisd and axisr pen systemsand provide a new pen platform to help patients requiring selfinjection therapy.haselmeier is committed to providing new and innovative selfinjection systems that helpto improve safety and convenience to patients.&rdquohaselmeier is a leading designer and manufacturer of pens and autoinjection systems.the company&rsquos devices feature unique function, design and technology and are used byleading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies around the world.for more information visit www.haselmeier.comcontacthaselmeier gmbhdufourstr. 32ch8008 zürichswitzerlandsandra de haan 41 44 250 52 40s.haan@haselmeier.com

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Sandra De Haan
44 250 52 40
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