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The Good Times lands in Gujarat with Kingfisher Radler

United Breweries Limited now announces its foray into the non-alcoholic beverage
segment with the launch of Kingfisher Radler in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Kingfisher
Radler, brings a new outlook to the soft drink category, a 100% natural drink that contains
30% less sugar than carbonated soft drinks. Every sip is a perfect blend of fresh barley
malts and natural lemon juice.
The introduction of Radler caters to a segment of health-conscious, young adults who
are on the lookout for a refreshing new alternative. The launch of Kingfisher Radler marks
another major milestone into the UBL product portfolio, after the successful launch of
brands such as Kingfisher Storm and Amstel, strengthening its ability to cater to
emerging different consumer segments.
Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Ramesh Visvanathan, Chief New Business Officer,
United Breweries Limited, said, “United Breweries is widening its product portfolio and
addressing new consumers and new consumption occasions. This product category,
malt based non-alcoholic beverage, is growing fast in Europe and we are pioneering the
effort in India. The product would be made widely available across outlets carrying soft
drinks, through our new distribution network for non-alcoholic beverages.”
The brand’s 360-degree communication will dramatize Kingfisher’s historic entry into
‘Non-Alcohol’ moments and settings. Especially high on the list is a series of lighthearted,
compelling TV commercials, fizzing with freshness.
Kingfisher Radler will be available in three refreshing flavours - Lemon, Ginger-Lime and
Mint-Lime. The product will be in two classic formats - a 300 ml can and a 300 ml glass
bottle, with a conveniently-designed ring-pull cap and a striking packaging design.
The 300 ml Cans will be priced at Rs.45/-.
As part of its test-launch strategy, Kingfisher Radler will be launched in United Breweries’
home state of Karnataka; and for the first time ever in the state of Gujarat.