Ensure peace of mind with industry first 5-year generator warranty from Mettler-Toledo

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ABI Europe

Royston, UK, 29 March 2017 – Demonstrating a further commitment to its customers and strengthening the quality assurance of its x-ray systems, Mettler-Toledo is offering an industry first, 5-year generator warranty for all new x-ray inspection systems within the X-Series range, purchased with either a Standard or Comprehensive Service Care package.


X-ray technology has become indispensable in providing food safety and quality assurance to the world over. To ensure systems are performing to the best of their ability, both in terms of productivity and consistent, accurate results, it is necessary to undertake regular maintenance, all of which can be taken care of in one of three Service Care packages from Mettler-Toledo – Basic, Standard and Comprehensive.


The x-ray generator is the most expensive component within an x-ray system, therefore this inclusive warranty – available as part of both the Standard and Comprehensive Care packages* - will offer manufacturers complete peace of mind. Generators on new systems purchased within the X-Series range will benefit from this market-leading warranty, which covers replacement wear and spare parts, labour and annual performance.


Speaking about this unique offer, Michael Pipe, Safeline X-ray Product Management Head at Mettler-Toledo, commented: “Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray generators previously came with 30 months' warranty, however, we're so confident in the reliability of our generators that we're extending this to five years for our X-Series systems. Minimizing downtime and its associated costs is a top priority for our customers, and by taking one of our Standard or Comprehensive Service Care Package options the risks of issues occurring can be significantly reduced. In addition, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a driving factor when making capital purchases such as x-ray systems, with replacement parts forming a vital part of those calculations. Given that the generator is the most expensive working part within the system, the new warranty will add considerable value to our customers.”


All three Care Packages include:

1.Preventative maintenance - which includes: ·

  • Inspection and cleaning of all mechanical components,
  • Inspection and testing of electronic components, and
  • Inspection for wear and damage.

2. Equipment operational testing – expert testing is performed to identify and diagnose equipment problems and to confirm that repair measures have been effective, and also to meet compliance with GFSI standards

3. Full radiation survey to ensure operational safety.


Standard Care also safeguards against unexpected repair labour costs and includes access to a technical hotline, providing fast and efficient help for operational and set-up problems. In addition, Comprehensive Care allows customers to have full budget control by including repair labour coverage in case of equipment breakdown and replacement spare and wear parts coverage.


These packages, in conjunction with the new warranty, help manufacturers to increase output and profitability by enhancing uptime and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), minimise long-term impacts on the x-ray inspection system by identifying defects that could potentially cause a sudden breakdown in the future, and maximise equipment lifetime and return on investment by avoiding the impact of wear and tear.

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Ulrike Land

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