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Drinks bottler turns production to hand sanitiser in glass bottles from Ardagh Group

Ardagh Group in Dongen, Netherlands has supplied Belgium-based drinks packager, Konings, for 25 years with glass bottles for well-known beverage brands across Europe. As suppliers to the essential food and beverage industry, both companies have continued to work during Covid-19, to ensure supplies continue to reach retail shelves. In response to the shortage of supply during the Covid-19 pandemic, Konings converted one production line to filling hand sanitiser in Ardagh’s 500ml bottles, for the health sector. Ardagh Group later purchased 700 bottles of the filled sanitiser bottles and donated them to a local care home in Dongen, who were struggling to find supplies. “We’re really proud that our packaging has been part of Konings’ initiative to support frontline workers, and that we were also able to help our local care home with supplies of the end product” said Peter Sies, Ardagh Group’s Operations Director, Benelux. Sharon Todd, Head of Marketing, Ardagh Group, Glass – Europe, M: +44 7768 718941

Company Name: 
Ardagh Group
Contact Person: 
Sharon Todd
Head of Marketing, Ardagh Group, Glass – Europe
+44 7768 718941

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