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Creed Engineers

 Taking one more step towards its csr initiatives creed engineers co sponsored the 5th braibsa national football tournament for the blind b1 was organized in new delhi from 4 to 9 may 2009.         The tournament was held at the blind relief association, delhi, lal bahadur shastri marg near the oberoi hotel, new delhi, where a special football field with tactile linings and other special features had been created. The fiveaside football matches were played with specially fabricated footballs with jingles. The matches were held either early morning or late evenings so that people from the corporate sector could witness. The match saw many distinguished guests. The enthusiasm among the player and the organizers was commendable. It was encouraging to see players who had only their ears and sixth sense to hit the ball.creed engineers is extremely satisfied with its effort this time and hopes to continue the good work and inspire many such initiatives. 

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