CobelPlast appoints AVI Global Plast as its Indian distributor for its range of Rigid Barrier Sheets

Business Name: 
AVI Global Plast Pvt. Ltd.

Indian company AVI Global Plast has joined Cobelplast’s network of agents and distributors – with a view to bringing innovative food packaging solutions to the Indian sub-continent.


CobelPlast is a Belgium based extrusion company specialized in the production of barrier sheets for the packaging industry. With a vast experience and background as a trusted supplier in the food packaging, diagnostics and household industries, they are leaders in polystyrene and polypropylene based barrier sheets for FFS machines.


AVI Global Plast is involved in the production of Rigid PVC and PET sheets in single layer as well as Laminated Barrier Structures like PE, EVOH, PA. It also offers a range of thermoformed packaging including punnets and trays made of such mono and laminated sheets for the food and fresh produce industries.


Mr. Sukhdeep Sethi, Director of AVI Global Plast said, “India has the highest population of working youth in the world. This has resulted in an unprecedented increase in disposable incomes and growing number of nuclear families, resulting in an increase in market share of packaged food in the processed food market to about 29 per cent in 2016. Registering a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 16 per cent, the packaged food market in India is expected to have crossed $51.5 million (mn) according to recent studies. This trend has given impetus to food packaging, which is able to provide increase in shelf life along with the ability to microwave the packs directly for convenience.


CobelPlast’s impressive range of high barrier, rigid sheets will allow us to expand our product offering to existing customers in the packaged food industry, expand our customer base and bring a range of new innovations to the Indian market. In order to be able to offer our customers a complete and safe packing solution that increases the shelf life of their foodstuff, AVI has partnered with CobelPlast to offer their unique products to the customers in the Indian subcontinent.”


AVI Global Plast will offer PP/EVOH/PP sheets as well as trays made with this material to provide abilities to retort, hot fill as well as microwave the packs along with substantially increasing the shelf life of the food products by providing the highest barrier against gases and moisture. Using CobelPlast’s vast experience and R&D, the barrier of the sheets can be customized to suit the specific food or fresh produce items. AVI Global Plast will also supply the required lidding material or pouches necessary for the trays. AVI Global Plast has very close relationships with suppliers of international as well as Indian tray sealer suppliers and is able to provide a complete end-to-end solution to the customers.


Further, dairy is among the fastest growing sectors in India with continuous investment in new products and technologies. CobelPlast’s range of PS/EVOH/PS and PS/EVOH/PE provides a long shelf life to yogurts, dairy creamers and similar products requiring aseptic / sterilization, the demand of which has seen a huge increase in demand in recent years.


CobelPlast MD, Mr. Guido Vuotto said, “Processed and packaged food is a big and growing business in India. The constraints on storage and handling in the country along with the large amount of food waste presents challenges to the industry, which we believe we are in a position to address with our range of products. We are leaders in supply of the High Barrier Rigid Sheets in Europe and have an increased focus on the Middle East and Asian markets. With its large population and GDP growth, India is definitely a market we have had on our radar and we believe that we have found the right partner in AVI Global Plast, who are in a great position to get CobelPlast’s products to new markets across the whole Indian sub-continent. We see this as a great tie-up and will provide AVI Global Plast with all the support we can in order to allow them to make a big impact on the Indian market.”

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Mr. Sukhdeep Singh Sethi
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