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The indian bulk packaging market started moving significantly only in the 1990s as the industries acquired bulk handling capabilities to compete in the globalised world. The markets really took off at the turn of the new millennium spurred by an export led and domestic growth in the agro produce & food bulk drugs & generics chemicals & pesticides and petroleum & lubricants. The market grew at around 28 for the first 67 years and then settled down to a 1520 band largely bucking the world wide slowdown.the bulk packaging market is valued at upwards of rs. 20,000 crores today and is being driven by an increased industrial production and a shift toward highervalue containers offering enhanced performance and supply chain efficiency. In fact, the global slowdown has been an opportunity for the indian manufacturers as the production cuts by the companies in europe and usa has resulted in the sourcing shifting to india adding an important factor to the growth story.the incremental growth on the large base every year brings with it a lot of developments. As the buyers and suppliers focus their attention on india, the stage is set for a quantum move upward for the industry. It is in this background that bulk pack 2010 will provide the industry and all its stakeholders to meet and partake of the emerging opportunities.bulk pack 2010, the first ever exhibition & conference for the indian bulk packaging industry and is scheduled from april 912 at hitex, hyderabad.bulk pack will have exhibitors from all segments including rigid packaging drums, barrels and pails of metal, fiber, plastic and composite materials intermediate bulk containers ibcs and cfcs flexible packaging shipping sacks & flexible intermediate bulk containers fibcs, film wrap, shrink wrap, stretch wrap & bubble wrap, baginbag, woven sacks, aseptic packaging & polyethylene foam and liners & webbing machinery dosing, weighing, filling, bagging, sealing, seaming, closing, wrapping, strapping, collating, unitizing, palletizing and handling equipment fitments, components and accessories.visitors will gather from industries that use bulk packaging. The target industries will be oil and lubricants, agro chemicals & pesticides, bulk drugs & fine chemicals, cement & construction materials, chemicals, dyes and intermediates explosives, fertilizers, fibers, plastics granules & resins, fruit pulp & juices, food and dairy products, sugar, rice and flour, wine and beverages, paints, and coating, adhesives, paints and inks.the fifth edition of india packaging show is moving to hyderabad for the first time and will run concurrently with bulk pack 2010. &ldquoindia packaging show, as an established event, will add value to the visitors&rsquo experience and will leverage its core strengths for the debutant bulk pack,&rdquo says neetu arora. Info@indiapackagingshow.com

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