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Berlin Packaging continues its expansion in Europe with the acquisition of Sodis-Uhart and Audoubert

MILAN (18 February 2021) - Berlin Packaging, the world’s largest hybrid packaging supplier,  announced the acquisition of Sodis-Uhart and Audoubert, two historic companies offering glass and  metal packaging in France.

 Sodis-Uhart was founded in 1979 in Biarritz as a family-run business and expanded in 2015 with the  acquisition of Audoubert, based in Toulouse, creating a hub for glass and metal packaging in  southern France. The two companies offer a wide range of glass and metal containers and  packaging components and have more than 9,000 square meters of strategically located warehouse  space to support their customers.

 “Sodis-Uhart, together with Audoubert, will significantly expand Berlin Packaging’s product portfolio,  especially in the food sector,” said Paolo Recrosio, CEO of Berlin Packaging Europe. “Moreover,  both companies have strong customer and supplier relationships that will help us continue to expand,  particularly in France and the neighbouring areas of Spain.”  

“Our combination with Berlin Packaging represents the culmination of a family adventure that began  in 1979 with just one employee. We’re proud of our accomplishments, and we believe strongly that  this transaction is not an end but a new beginning, enabling us to bring our experience in southern France to the rest of Berlin Packaging, and to allow our customers and employees to benefit from  the opportunities offered by a global company,” said Dominique Uhart, Director of Sodis-Uhart, and  Michel Uhart, Director of Audoubert. 

The acquisition of Sodis-Uhart and Audobert is Berlin Packaging’s eleventh acquisition in Europe  since 2016, confirming the company’s strong commitment to offering packaging solutions in all  segments of the European market.

 "Expanding our presence in Europe remains a critical objective for us in 2021," said Bill Hayes, CEO  and President of Berlin Packaging. "Targeted acquisitions, like the acquisition of Sodis-Uhart and its subsidiary, Audoubert, continue to be an important way for us to execute on our strategic growth  plans for Europe.” 

Berlin Packaging  
Berlin Packaging is the world’s largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier® of glass, plastic, and metal  containers and closures. The company supplies billions of items annually along with package design,  financing, consulting, warehousing, and logistics services for customers across all industries. Berlin  Packaging brings together the best of manufacturing, distribution, and income-adding service  providers. Its mission is to increase the net income of its customers through packaging products and  services.  

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About Bruni Glass, a Berlin Packaging Company 
Bruni Glass, the largest packaging distributor in Europe, has 40+ years’ experience supplying  premium and specialty glass packaging to the wine, spirits, food, and gourmet markets.  Headquartered in Italy and with locations across Europe, Bruni offers thousands of custom-designed 
products along with popular standard items. The company has a world-class design studio, a network  of high-quality manufacturing partners, a team dedicated to thrilling service, and is certified by CISQ IMQ (Italian Institute for the Quality Mark) to ISO 9001 standards.  

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