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Uniodose Liquid System as Nasal Delivery Device

Paptar Pharmas Patented Unidose Liquid System Has Been Approved As The Device That Delivers Tosymra Sumatriptan Nasal Spray 10 Mg For The Acute Treatment Of Migraine In Adultsp

Aptar’s Unidose System is a single-use, ready-to-use one-step nasal delivery device that can deliver a liquid or powder formulation quickly, easily and reliably. Patients simply press a small plunger on the bottom of the device to release the drug in a single shot into the nose, where the drug can be quickly absorbed via the nasal mucosa.

Aptar’s Unidose and Bidose platforms are robust, primeless, and easy-to-use systems with 360° functionality and precise nasal drug delivery. They offer biotech and pharmaceutical companies effective and reliable single or two-shot intranasal delivery for a variety of medicines including potential life-saving drugs and treatments of severe conditions. The devices can also integrate wireless connectivity technologies.