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Two Italian designers are making handbags from food packaging and Amazon parcels

Lockdown has got us all thinking about how we can make products last longer and two Italian designers are going the extra mile to do just that. Milan-based designers Chiara Rivituso and Matteo Bastiani are giving a new lease of life to food packaging and delivery parcels, by turning them into incredible bags.
Product and pattern developer Chiara and leather goods expert Matteo formed their own studio back in 2011, called Camera60. But recently the pair have been working on this unique upcycling project. Chiara tells ‘It was all about experimentation, making bags from unusual materials. We made a capsule collection using grocery shopping bags – our intention was reuse plastic stuff in a different way. ‘On the other hand, we wanted to bring the craftsmanship leather goods details into everyday objects.’ Some of their best creations include a quilted cross-body bag made out of an Oreo wrapper, a handbag created from a Heineken cardboard box and a shoulder bag made with an Amazon Prime shipping package. Other items include Dior-inspired saddlebag formed from a Corn Flakes cereal box and a bag made out of an Italian cookies packet.