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Pthis Year We Decided To Support The Association Il Giardino Del Baobab Ovd In Reggio Emilia Involving The Group In Creating The New Christmas Campaignppil Giardino Del Baobab In Reggio Emilia Ovd Is A Non Profit Association Which Brings Together Young People Who Due To Different Disabilities Communicate Exclusively Using Writing Thanks To The Alphabetic Language Facilitated Communication Thus Giving Voice To Their Thoughtnbspp



The group of Il Giardino del Baobab use computers as a tool to communicate, typing the words on the keyboard, with the support of a facilitator. 

Il Giardino del Baobab in Reggio Emilia OVD promotes meetings and projects with public and private organizations, in addition to carrying out curricular studies. This year was dedicated in particular to theatre classes. The group creates a theatrical script with the guidance of actress Claudia Mosconi.

We at Clevertech supports technology at the service of man. In fact, technology allows you to lighten the load of fatigue and manual labor, but it also allows you to unleash creativity, as the projects of the young people of Il Giardino del Baobab in Reggio Emilia OVD demonstrate.

For this reason we firmly believe in the work of this association, which oversaw the copywriting activity for us, conceiving the contents of the campaign A sip of sustainable water, dedicated to the abolition of disposable plastic bottles in all the factories of the group and the new use of water in the company.