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Sustainability made easy with lightweight glass

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Pvetropacks Sustainable Glass Bottles Made Of Lightweight Glass Is A Strong Argument When It Comes To The Environment Lightweight Glass Reduces Energy And Raw Material Consumption Thereby Saving Resourcesp

New production methods make it possible to manufacture particularly thin-walled lightweight glass containers. Instead of the traditional blow-and-blow process, VetroPack use the narrow-neck-press-and-blow process. Its lightweight glass technology guarantees that our sustainable glass bottles weigh significantly less while remaining as strong and stable as their heavier predecessors. Furthermore, the ecological benefits of traditionally manufactured glass are retained. ightweight glass packaging is 100% recyclable and completely neutral in relation to its content.

New production technology: When making lightweight glass packaging, VetroPack uses the finite element method at an early stage of the design process. Its designers identify those parts of a container that is subject to particular stresses on their computer screens. Often, only minor adjustments to the geometry of the container are required to eliminate those stresses. Lightweight glass can easily be filled and stored without loss of quality.