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standup pouch that mixes sauce and pasta during microwaving


italian packaging system manufacturer&nbspgoglio&nbspintroduced the frescook, a patented microwaveable packaging for readytoeat meals with the twist that the contents automatically are mixed during microwaving.the packaging is a standup pouch with two compartments, of which the bottom one contains e.g. pasta and the top one the pastasauce.&nbspduring heating in the microwave the steam will open the vshaped seal between the two compartments, allowing the sauce to flow over the pasta.if the steam pressure increases further, the upper seal of the standup pouch opens on two sides so that the overpressure can disappear in a controlled way.the selection of films include films with an aluminium layer, pet aiox or evoh, while hotfilling, gas injection or a valve applicator unit can be added to the packaging system.&nbsp