Shift from Rigid to Flexible for Vehicle Oil

Shift from Rigid to Flexible for Vehicle Oil

Functional Easy-Pack stand-up pouch that makes for a better user experience with less waste and mess.


Parnell Thill, senior marketing manager, AMSOIL (Superior, WI) explains the customer-motived reasoning behind the conversion from high-density polyethylene bottles to the same-volume 1-quart multilayer pouches . “Where the fill is located in the differential beneath a vehicle is like trying to pour uphill against gravity,” he says. “You can’t really tip a bottle of oil up all the way to empty them so users end up needing more than a bottle—it’s a highly inefficient and messy process with a lot of waste. The Easy-Pack pouches have a specialized nozzle that can be positioned into the opening even in tight quarters, unlike bottles. And the squeezable nature of the pouch performs like a hand-driven pump, made easier by the pinched-waste format. Also, the pouch packaging can be efficiently and completely emptied. “It rolls up like a used tube of toothpaste,” Thill points out. The collapsed pouch can be disposed in a fraction of the space of used bottles, which are rarely recycled due to the oil residue.

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