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Self translating wine labels

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Pa Clever Technology Enabling Shoppers To Read Wine Labels Written In Any Language Will Soon Become The Standard Among Savvy Shoppers According To Digital Marketing Specialist Dave Chaffeynbspp

The ground-breaking technology translates more than one hundred languages. “Behind the scenes, two technologies are at work,” says Chaffey. "Artificial intelligence (AI) reads and interprets the content and augmented reality (AR) projects the new text back onto the label, right in front of you."

"Self-translating is a bit of a misnomer," explains Chaffey. "The labels aren't actually changing, the translation is projected using AR, which is powered by your smartphone."

The Winerytale platform is the first of a new breed of marketing, connecting consumers and producers, through products, says the company. Winerytale showcases wineries from their own wine labels, presenting their story through the medium of augmented reality, involving video, text, and 3D objects in virtual space.