Schreiner Group: New production site set up

Roland Schreiner, Managing Partner of Schreiner Group, took over the existing production hall in Dorfen in 2017. Since then, the entire building infrastructure has been set up and adapted to the high standard of the Schreiner Group. As the Schreiner Group attaches great importance to environmental protection and sustainability, the almost 5,000 square meter production hall has an innovative air conditioning concept that serves energy efficiency and at the same time has a positive effect on the well-being of employees. In order to maintain its high quality standard at the new location as well, Schreiner Group relies on its proven production technology and invested in an additional 11-color screen printing machine.

In the final stage of completion, a significant proportion of the labels for the pharmaceutical industry will be processed at the new production site in Dorfen - including further processing and final inspection, logistics and shipping, quality management, process development and on-site production control.



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    Congratulations to the whole Schreiner team.. An exceptional labelprinting company !

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