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Scent Cues Pop On Uncluttered Personal Care Packs


A clean and understated package design with blocks of bold, bright colors and fresh ingredient imagery help yardley london&rsquos new affordable bath and shower collection attract &ldquoa younger audience, looking for greater scent and benefit cues, as well as products with a sustainable mission.&rdquo that&rsquos according to deidre williams, director of marketing, skin care, for yardley parent company lornamead, inc. Williams explains that the new line, launched last may, was conceived to build on the growing popularity in the u.s. Of yardley&rsquos bath soaps. &ldquolike other yardley products, this line uses premium ingredients and botanicals, while taking the product benefits to a whole new level,&rdquo she says. &ldquothe line also ups the ante on sustainability.

 From the packaging itself to the concentrated formulas within, this is the most ecofriendly yardley on shelf.&rdquo packaging, developed with little big brands, includes clean, white, roundshouldered pet bottles made from 50 recycled content from silgan plastics for three varieties of shower gel, and biodegradable, recyclable cartons from modpac for two bathbar scents. Convenient pump dispensers from aptar allow for onehanded application. In crafting the graphic design for the brand, little big creative director john nunziato says the firm sought to stay true to the yardley heritage and brand equity, while creating a breakthrough package for the bath and shower category. &ldquoit was important for us to develop a line look that was benefitdriven, as well as highlight the ecobenefits of the brand,&rdquo he says. &ldquoultimately, we wanted women not only to love the product inside, but also feel great about displaying it in her bathroom and shower.&rdquo the main graphic elements, guided by qualitative and quantitative testing, comprise color, typography, and botanical imagery that together create depth and dimension. &ldquothe dynamic colors help connote scent and ingredients,

 while the typography lends modernity to the brand as well as a natural feel,&rdquo says nunziato. &ldquobold imagery helps consumers imagine the luscious scents contained in the bottles and boxes.&rdquo also featured onpack are icons that bring prominence to the eco benefits of the biodegradable, parabenfree products. Available in drug and food stores nationwide, the yardley london bath and shower collection is priced at 2.99 for the soaps, and 4.99 for the shower gels.