Beauty Twist

Beauty Twist


The product consists on a twist to lock closure assembled with a tube. A new closure with twist system that will be able to open and lock the packaging easily with one hand.

Also the closure has a premium look and differentiation with of closure systems ( as flip top and screw) with an affordable price for skin care and color cosmetics products and also can be used for same personal care products ( hand cream for example).



To Customer

1) Affordable packaging

2) Premium packaging

3) Integrated packaging

4) Single supplier

5) Adds value in the end product

6) Easy to customize (lacquering and metallization)

7) Easy to fill

To final Consumer:

1) Visual impact (different)

2) Easy to use

3) Easy to carry

4) One single gesture

5) Interactive / Intuitive

6) Cleanliness

Comments (2)

  • anon

    Good product by Aptar with Twist lock, it is easy to open & close

    Apr 22, 2019

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