Refillable Packaging for Lip Balm

The new lip balm package is eco-friendly and made from recycled plastic.


Eco Lips has launched a new organic lip balm line in refillable packaging. The container used for this pack is 2016 AmeriStar award winner, and made from repurposed plastic. The patented lip care system is designed to be refillable. It's called POGO, and being promoted using the hashtag #putongoout. With this new packaging the consumer is  able to switch out their lip products at will, according to their needs or desires, bringing a versatility and individualization not seen before in lip care. The refillable cartridge is held in the container by a soft rubber base which flexes to create a unique and precise application experience. The reprocessed matte plastic body is designed to fit the hand and sustain multiple refills. The clear cap of the POGO container is its own mold, eliminating the need of addition pieces in manufacturing and minimizing transferring of the product during production.

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