Pump on Tube (North-East Asia)

Pump on Tube (North-East Asia)

Pump on Tube offers portable airless packaging for makeup and skin care.


FEATURES & BENEFITS: Perfect dosage control. Gentle activation process. Albion, EvoClassic or Evolux upper parts. Tube maker Wan Hui, coex technology.

PACKAGE VOLUME: Ø30 mm, from 30 to 75 ml

BENEFITS OF AIRLESS: Pack delivered as 1 unit 360° dispensing. Excellent formula protection for sensitive formulas.

APPLICATION FIELDS: Body Care. Deodorant. Facial. Skin Care › Complete Packaging. Make Up › Airless Packaging. Sun Care.

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  • anon
    Abhishek Agarwal

    Airless packaging provides good protection for sensitive formulas. Great work by Aptar!

    May 01, 2019

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