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Pharma Compliance Pack

Here, the packaging plays a central role: The award-winning Pharma Compliance Pack supports patients optimally with their medication and meets the highest standards of compliance and convenience.

The packaging solution was specially developed to make it easier for patients to medicate using tablets. Innovative design integrated into the packaging to provide guidance on taking the tablets, patients are helped to take their medication at the right time and in the specified order - just as it is appropriate and important for their treatment.

Through the selective tearing-off of the perforated tabs, the blister can be pulled out only in doses, thus releasing to the patient only the tablets intended for this medication period. With the integrated five-sided Lepo-Label, the same surface presents even more space for patient information. A static coating prevents dirt from adhering to the sides, thus ensuring resealability. Part labels help with appointment reminders and documentation in patient records.

Apart from that, the two products – the folding carton and the label – can be used independently of each other.


  • rectilinear sliding mechanism enables medication in the predetermined sequence of “doses”
  • convenient shape makes it ideal for patients to carry with them
  • combination possibilites offer more space for information e.g. 5-sided Lepo-Label
  • integrated documentation parts on label