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P&G is expanding its fabric enhancer portfolio with Lenor Parfum des Secrets collection, now available in the grocery channel


Each fragrance has been co-created with the top three perfume houses in the world to offer unique scent characteristics, providing an alluring perfume for customer’s clothes. The new fabric softeners have an RRP of £8 and are available in 1L bottles, which were created by a beauty designer, with inspiration from fine fragrance.

The launch is being supported by a huge media campaign, including a brand new 60 second TV advertisement featuring a ‘Red Riding Hood’ tale from Lenor, which will be shown in cinemas, and utilised in print fashion titles and digital media.

Laura McIlwaine, Fabric Enhancer Brand Manager, P&G, said: “As part of its heritage, Lenor has always embraced the importance of freshness, enhancing how we feel in our clothes with lasting clean scent and maintaining fabric’s soft touch. Innovation sits at the heart of P&G and here we’ve combined science and artistry to create a breakthrough formula for the Lenor Parfum des Secrets collection. We’ve had fantastic feedback from shoppers* so far and the contemporary design of the bottles ensures they will stand out on shelves, offering a luxurious fabric softener alternative to grocery shoppers.”

Fragrance & Descriptions:

Mystery: An enchanting scent combining the freshness of white flowers with a blend of black pepper

Dazzle: A charming perfume of refreshing eucalyptus on a base of floral patchouli creates an energizing lasting fragrance

Blush: An enticing scent combining luxurious sandalwood and red fruit notes

Kiss: Combines the sweet, fruity notes of maracuja (passion fruit) with the comforting perfume of amber


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