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packaging innovations 2015 dempson bag to make an impact


visitors to stand g23 at this year&rsquos packaging innovations 2015 show will be able to see a new machine made paper carrier bag concept from dempson.the company says the dempson bag packs a powerful marketing punch with its larger, high impact printable surface area and environmental benefits.the technology of the dempson bag is designed to provide carrier bags in tailor made sizes, including the potential for a uniquely wide bottom gusset that can be produced up to 350mm wide. suitable for use by high street retailers, it can carry smaller gift items, accessories, fashion items, shoes, electronics and other consumer goods &ndash including any larger items, even cakes and confectionery that must lie flat when carried out of the retail premises.paul laskey, sales and marketing director of dempson commented &ldquothis revolution in paper carrier bag technology offers branding and marketing advantages, making a real point of difference compared with what is already available on the market. we believe it will prove a hit with uk retail brands and we had no hesitation in making the investment necessary to ensure that we could supply this bag exclusively to our customers.&rdquothe dempson bag also provides environmental benefits by using less paper than comparable conventional paper carriers and is stronger than a standard sos bag because it has no bottom seam. this delivers the potential for additional benefits through reducing the weight of the paper used in the bag&rsquos construction whilst maintaining the bag&rsquos strength. the unique, lay flat construction of the dempson bag enables better stock density, bringing further cost reduction opportunities and environmental benefits on distribution and stock holding. these factors mean the dempson bag can bring a greener footprint than traditional paper carrier bags.the bag features a turnover top, which adds strength to the opening as well as the opportunity to extend the print design around the inside edge for further aesthetic appeal. all of this is complemented by a range of different handle options &ndash twisted paper, flat tape, cord and ribbon &ndash providing the finishing touch.dempson will also be highlighting its box bag to brand conscious retailers looking for luxury goods and gifts presentation. the box bag is a block bottomed &ldquosos&rdquo style bag but, when folded, it takes the shape of a box. according to dempson, the box bag, which can also incorporate a handle, provides better gift style point of sale packaging than a traditionalstyle carrier bag and is more secure as it is not open at the top.&nbsp