Orange peel IML labels

Orange peel IML labels

Over the years, orange peel - also known as satin gloss - became IML’s best known variety. This type of IML label is produced with a multi-layered substrate, having a foamed polypropylene in the middle. Due to the use of high temperatures and pressure, part of the air gets out of the substrate during the IML process. An ‘orange’ peel is the result.


There are a couple of reasons why this substrate continues to be the most popular one:

1. Cost-efficiency

2. Process-friendliness

3. The only IML label option to allow overlap

4. Does not ‘dome’ the package (when used with packages < 5 litres)

However, there are a couple of technical characteristics to be taken into account when choosing orange peel IML labels: 1. Choose the right thickness, depending on the package dimensions

2. Know how to create the perfect overlap

3. Run trials for both grain directions to optimise the process parameters

4. Be aware of the sensitive injection point zone

The orange peel IML label is available for injection moulding, blow moulding and thermoforming IML. Typically, early adopting markets such as ice cream, spreads and margarine prefer the look and feel of the orange peel label.

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