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Novamont and Iren to collaborate to manage compostable products & packaging

Novamont and Italian utilities company Iren have signed a three-year collaboration agreement in the field of integrated waste collection systems to reduce non-recyclable waste.

The two companies have agreed to develop specific projects for the optimised management of compostable products and packaging, to be recycled and recovered together with the organic fraction of solid municipal waste in Iren’s treatment plants.

Iren operates in the sectors of electricity, gas, thermal energy for district heating, management of integrated water services, environmental services and technological services.

Under the agreement, dedicated flows (some of which experimental) will be organised for organic waste fractions containing disposable compostable products coming from markets, catering businesses and large events.

Renato Boero, Iren chairman, said: “Innovation and attention to the circular economy are two distinctive aspects of our vision and this collaboration with Novamont, through research and experimentation on the ground, further enhances Iren’s role as a strategic player in the Green Economy.”

Catia Bastioli, Novamont chief executive, added: “The partnership with Iren will be strategic not only to improve waste management, but above all to close the carbon cycle, regenerate soil and decarbonise the atmosphere, while experimenting new solutions in a logic of learning by doing”.