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The Body Shop has partnered French tubemaker Albéa to launch its Carrot Facial Wash and Carrot Cream, the first tubes in the brand’s new vegan range to contain post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics.
The use of PCR material helps limit waste, reduces the consumption of virgin material, whether it be fossil or bio-based, and lowers a product’s CO2 footprint. In the case of the Carrot tubes, this means 35 per cent less virgin PE and an 8 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions. That’s why the tubes of the Carrot range stand for The Body Shop’s philosophy and credo ‘launch products with purpose’. The products in the Carrot collection are enriched with organic carrots that are misshaped and thus deemed unsuitable for sale in supermarkets. The carrots are nevertheless still rich in antioxidants and are sourced from a British family-run farm.