LDS 2cc ECOM Dispensing Pump (Rieke)

LDS 2cc ECOM Dispensing Pump (Rieke)

Continuing with their e-commerce strategy, Rieke has developed their latest dispenser pump designed to address the e-commerce issue of liquid leaking when shipped.


The LDS 2cc ECOM dispensing pump has patented technology, which meets ISTA-6 e-commerce packaging specifications. Rieke’s highly qualified engineers have incorporated a range of innovative features, including a plug seal feature to ensure no leakage, enabling it to withstand the challenges of frequent handling and movement during packing, transportation and delivery. The LDS 2cc ECOM also targets to reduce merchandise damage during shipping, which would provide a savings to the e-commerce market channel. Rieke’s LDS 2cc ECOM is available for a variety of applications for the personal care market. In addition, it gives consumers the in-store experience, since it eliminates the need for additional protective packages, such as wrapping paper, bubble wrap and excess material that the consumer needs to remove. This also helps to reduce processing time and the cost of preparing the package for shipping, while helping the environment with less waste.

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