LBK Nails features new color-match packaging design at Cosmoprof NA

LBK Nails features new color-match packaging design at Cosmoprof NA

Have you wonder to try the nail polish before the purchase. This nail polish brand lets consumers try the product on the shelf through a custom flip top cap fitted with a fingernail chip with the color of the polish inside. While the nail-polish color may appear different way in the bottle, once on the nail, it looks very different and not at all what the consumer expected. The problem with the gel polish has worsen, as the packaging requires UV protection, resulting in an opaque bottle. Shares Kemeny, it is estimated that stores lose 2% on maintenance due to consumers opening bottles of nail polish at point-of-sale for testing, with some retailers having to put paper on the retail displays to avoid damage.


“It’s not good for the bottles to be opened and tested, it does nothing for the life of the polish, and it can cause contamination,” he says. “It just isn’t a very nice thought that your brand-new nail polish has been tested by other shoppers. This is a worldwide problem. The mold maker and cap supplier is VEM Tooling and gift and sample boxes are supplied by Honest PP&D Ltd.


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