LB Consumer Goods launches Ray Stevia - 100% Natural Sweetener

LB Consumer Goods launches Ray Stevia - 100% Natural Sweetener

Nagpur based luxury Wellness Company LB Consumer Goods has launched Ray Sugar (Stevia Extract) which is a sugar free product primarily for diabetic patients who are looking for an alternative to sugar. Ray Stevia is a 100% Natural Sweetener Sugar made from pure stevia extracts which is 400 times sweeter than regular sugar without adding even one calorie to the body. 


This new product is available in single-use sachets, which are consumer friendly and easy to dispense. It is best suited for health-conscious people who want to add a natural replacement of cane sugar. It is absolutely free from any artificial sweeteners and chemicals like lactose, aspartame, sucralose, malt dextrin, dextrose, saccharin and thus doesn't raise blood sugar levels. Ray NoSugar is currently available on leading e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, Flipkart and. Snapdeal.

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