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Labels for Pens and Autoinjectors

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Psituation Pens And Autoinjectors Are Designed To Make Life Easier For Patients And To Assure Reliability Of Use Therefore Quality And Safety Are Top Priorities When Developing These Productsp

Solution: The specialty labels by Schreiner MediPharm combine many functionalities in a single label to enhance safety and ease of use. The integrated features are precisely tailored to fit the specific requirements of the manufacturers. Examples of value-added benefits include first-opening protection, a temperature indicator, window for checking the contents, anti-slip effect, detachable label parts and counterfeit protection features.

Benefit: The multifunctional label solutions for injection systems precisely address the requirements of manufacturers and are customized to suit the needs of end-users. As a development partner, Schreiner MediPharm supports its customers early in the concept phase to find the optimal solution. An intelligent label design may even serve as a design element of the pen or autoinjector.


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