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Kellogg Films Raise The Bars

Around 1990, kellogg co. Rice krispies treats squares were transformed from a cerealbox recipe into a sweet retail option for snackers. Until recently, these snacks were packaged using conventional coldseal technology, which involved laminating a reverseprinted oriented polypropylene clear film to a metallized opp web.

However, since kellogg switched to a lamination of metallized opp and clear polyester films that are packaged using a heatseal process, the company is enjoying notable benefits relating to sustainability and productivity.

Kellogg also eliminated the potential for offflavor odors caused by coldseal adhesives. In addition, since the creation of a finished package that is less stiff, the company is now able to insert individually wrapped packages into cartons more easily. Kelloggs new films were developed and manufactured by toray plastics america, inc.