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James Cropper unveils Biomaster antiviral paper packaging amid COVID-19 transmission concerns

UK-based paper products group James Cropper is promoting its antiviral packaging technology, PaperGard, as a customizable solution for industry in 2021 after tests showed the paper reduces COVID-19’s viability by 95 percent. 

If the virus’ microbes land on Cropper’s packaging’s surface, silver ions added to the paper prevent them from growing. Within two hours, the virus’ viability is destroyed by 99.9 percent.

Respiratory viruses can be transmitted where someone touches a contaminated surface. Cropper points to recent studies suggesting COVID-19 can remain viable on metal, glass, wood, textiles, plastic and paper surfaces from several hours to a number of days.

PaperGard is designed to give paper products the ability to “self-sanitize” without affecting the appearance or performance of the paper itself.

Richard Bracewell, marketing and technical director at Cropper, says the virus has raised consumer demand for assurances over packaging hygiene. 

Moreover, he asserts traditional preventive sanitation methods are insufficient in combating the spread of such viruses. 

“It is often impractical to use disinfectants and even soap and water. In these situations, the PaperGard protected paper, with its antimicrobial technology, limits contamination of the paper surface while maintaining the qualities of the paper.”

“[PaperGard] addresses the increased demand for hygienic surfaces. The silver ions present within the paper continually effectively control surface contamination for the lifetime of the product and maintain the integrity of the paper.”

Cropper’s survey conducted in October shows over three quarters (77 percent) of Britons now consider the hygiene of the products and packaging they interact with. Almost half (45 percent) believe those concerns for safety and hygiene will remain after the pandemic.