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Innovative, paraffin - free and recyclable paper-based packaging by Amcor

Matrix innovation lies in technology, not material: exchanging paraffin for a breathable polymer. This brings manifold benefits: state of the art ripening cheese, extend shelf life, deliver the right taste, reduce weight loss. The Matrix range offers a more sustainable packaging option – environmentally and economically. Matrix reduces CO2 emissions and can be recycled in the paper stream.


-Paraffin-free coating layer in contact with cheese

-Improved moisture exchange ensures consistent taste throughout product life-cycle

-Proven with Lactogal’s Castelões cheese

Customer benefits

-Product Freshness -Shelf-life extension: Grand Brie from 45 to 90 days

-Cost Savings - Reduction of cheese weight loss

-Easy to Run - Absence of paraffin reduces cleaning time

-More Sustainable - Extended storage time up to 12 months (6 months with paraffin)

End consumer benefits

-Product Safety - Enhanced food safety due to absence of paraffin

-Product Appeal - Smoother surface: excellent on-shelf impact





Filling process

-Hot Fill

-Heat Pasteurisation


-Cold Fill

-Ambient Fill