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Impact strong display pack for Maggi

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Pthe Display And Packaging Manufacturer Ds Smith Has Developed An Impactstrong Secondary Placement In The Shape Of Stacked Suitcases For The Launch Of The Trendy Ready Mealsp

The unusual creation in the brand's colourful design generates maximum attention on the sales floor and incites every shopper to go on a culinary world tour with the new cups in their luggage. The pre-stocked display saves retailers valuable stocking time. DS Smith's holistic display and packaging strategists were rewarded for their innovation with a German Packaging Award 2019. The display from DS Smith, produced in high-quality offset printing, delivers an overall brand image. The creative presentation of the products encourages impulse purchases and promotes the sale of the new Instant Cups. The assembly in the shops is very simple because the products have already been placed in the suitcases. Simply pull off the hood, put up the poster and the sale can go ahead. Added value for retailers, consumers and the brand