HiFlow Airless

HiFlow Airless

All-in-one product, all features in one dispenser:

High-dose dispenser 4cc reliable and effective, Metal Free Pathway for easy product compatibility, ShowerProof design optimized to get very limited water invasion under streaming water and Exclusive design which ensures on-shelf differentiation and convenience.

1) Exclusive design to ensure on-shelf differentiation

2) Reliable and convenient High dosage (4cc) Metal Free Pathway dispenser guarantees easy product compatibility

3) Showerproof design optimized to get very low level of water ingression under streaming water

Exclusive design which ensure on-shelf differentiation and convenience!



1) Metal Free Pathway for easy product compatibility

2) No contamination by air during the use

3) Protection of the formulation

4) Ideal for dispensing very high viscosity formulations

5) Very good restitution rate

6) Real 360° usability

7) Works with coex-bottles

8) Available with 28/410 rachet closure neck

9) High output (4cc) for convenient us

10) Compatible with all HiFlow actuators

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