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Functional and customizable labeling machines for the food sector

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ALTECH presents the innovative technology for the semi-wrap labeling (C-wrap) of food trays.

Identify the product and ensure its integrity.
Labeling in the food industry is a crucial point of the entire production process, in fact it allows you to decorate the product intended for consumption, while indicating the essential information such as content, expiry date, origin, nutritional values ​​and any other data that may require a food product. To meet the typical labeling needs of this sector, ALTECH has developed a line of labeling systems particularly suitable for products such as tubs and trays.

The line in question is called ALbelt, and contains a range of extremely functional and customizable labeling machines that lend themselves to labeling a wide range of products. A particularly requested configuration is the one designed for semi-wrap (C-wrap) labeling of thermo-formed food trays, or clam-shell. In this application, the label is adapted on 3 sides of the product, the front one, and the upper and lower ones , and for this it assumes a dual role: to identify the product, and guarantee, just like a tamper evident seal, its integrity.. To carry out this operation, the ALbelt system consists of a two-section conveyor, an upper labeling head (ALritma model) equipped with a marker (for printing variable data, such as expiration date, promotional labels and barcode) and an adapter specially designed for this type of labeling placed in the space between the two sections of the conveyor.

The system is completed by a double tape spacer and a lateral ribbon stabilizer to hold the products during labeling. All labeling parameters can be managed from the 7-inch color touchscreen panel that guarantees excellent readability and extreme ease of use. The ALbelt system thus equipped is able to reach a labeling rate of 60 pieces per minute.

In addition to applying one or more labels on several parts of the product, the ALbelt system can assume particular configurations for different applications, such as the laying of labels above and below, even in non-stop configuration, i.e. without line stops for label changes.