FruBox for fruits packaging

FruBox for fruits packaging

This innovative system is developed by Smurfit kappa for transporting fresh soft fruit. It is called the SoFruBox® and had won the award in the transport packaging category at Packstar award.


The SoFruBox system consists of a stackable crate in which individual punnets containing 500g (SoFruMiniPak) or 1 Kg (SoFruBox) of fruit can be can tailored to meet the needs of both the grower and the retailer. This solution meets all the requirements across the supply chain and provides the required ventilation to deal with changes in humidity and climate, keeping the fruit in its optimum condition. The SoFruBox® is also printed with high impact graphics allowing the customer to differentiate its fruit packs in a competitive retail environment and attract consumer attention at the point of purchase. 

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