FIFA inspired limited edition Champagne pack

Capitalising on Taittinger’s position as the official Champagne for FIFA World Cup™ in Russia 2018, the packaging design features a blue and silver ‘cosmic theme’ to reflect the host country’s achievements in space. API Group used Fresnel lens technology to elevate the brand packaging’s iconic bubbles into dazzling diamond footballs, which will ensure the product stood out on shelf and positioned itself a must have collector’s item for football and Champagne fans alike. The carton also features the FIFA World Cup™ trophy depicted on the packaging in a silver metallic foil finish. David Peters, Creative Development Manager at API Group, said: “Our goal with an iconic brand like Champagne Taittinger is to create packaging which not only reinforces customer’s image of the brand, but also elevates it through embellishments that offer interest and intrigue. “To achieve the perfect finish for the FIFA World Cup™ souvenir packaging, we worked closely with Taittinger’s design team throughout to ensure we created a must have luxury item for customers.



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