ETAIN: Fully Recyclable Packaging Tube

ETAIN: Fully Recyclable Packaging Tube

Etain is a new, fully-recyclable packaging tube from Essel. It has been made using a percentage of recycled material with the aim of reducing the amount of virgin plastic in tube packaging.


Etain tubes will be recycled under Code 2 norms defined by the Society of Plastic Industry. It contains up to 40% PCR HDPE plastic material. Etain tubes are typically used by FMCG companies for packaging various types of beauty and skin care, pharmaceutical and food products. It is made from recycled plastic material and is fully recyclable, enabling it to go back into the same process that it came from.

Etain PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) tubes were launched at the ‘Interpack’ exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany, held on April 24, 2008. It is highly customizable and the amount of PCR can be varied depending upon customer requirements and the nature of the product that is contained within the package. Etain is the first of many products from Essel addressing sustainability. It makes an effort to ensure that the lifecycle of a product does not destroy its source or the environment.

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