Drug Reconstitution in an innovative way

Drug Reconstitution in an innovative way

Fillchoice® room: a compounding pharmacy within a bag"


Fillchoice® room is the first medical device that provides a compounding pharmacy incorporated in a bag and it was shortlisted as “best innovation” for the Packaging Category of the CPhI Pharma Awards in 2014. It is a new concept of compounding pharmacy: you can manipulate and reconstitute the drug directly in the bag, with no need for dedicated clean rooms.This device replaces the standard practice of drugs manipulation in hospital pharmacies under a laminar flow hood: the drug can be manipulated and reconstituted in a completely closed system, next to the patients' bed and directly administered. Fillchoice® room widely fits in the use of compounding pharmacy, drug reconstitution and delivery systems and therefore will find utility in many pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and clinics. It is suitable for any drug (liquid, gel or powder) in glass or plastic vial that needs to be compounded or reconstituted. Unlike other reconstitution systems, it doesn’t provide only a closed system: it guarantees 100% isolation to the drug preparation system, as it works like a sterile “clean room”. Therefore it is safe for the manipulation of dangerous drugs, such as antitumoral drugs. It eliminates the risks of caregivers' exposure to dangerous drugs, such as toxicity, carcinogenicity and infertility. During the preparation and administration of the drug to the patient, it eliminates the risk of sometimes lethal medication errors. Fillchoice® room is very flexible, as it can be customized in terms of drug type, solvent, volume and vial size. Volume of the solvent and varying bag materials are available. The new version Fillchoice® room dose is now available: thanks to a special dosing system it allows the dosed reconstitution of drugs, in accordance with the doctor prescription.

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