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Difference Between Corrugated Boxes and Kraft Boxes

Different businesses use different types of packaging boxes. The packaging options that are highly popular are retail boxes, gable boxes, triangular boxes, pillow boxes, mailer boxes, and much more.

The main element that is responsible for crafting the masterpiece is the stock. The stock for packaging solutions varies, and most often, it is Kraft, corrugated, or cardboard. These stocks work fabulously in offering the packaging boxes of your desired shape and style.

Kraft Boxes VS Corrugated Boxes

Kraft boxes are the ones that are manufactured from Kraft stock. Kraft paper is used for crafting all kinds of Kraft packaging boxes. It is indeed the unbleached pulp that is of high thickness and firmness. It is considered to be the amazing valuable packaging stock for the shipping of goods to far-off places. Naturally, it exists in brown color. Corrugated boxes are the ones that are formed from the corrugated stock. This packaging stock is made from multiple layers of paperboard. It is considered to be the stock whose strength lies in between the Kraft and cardboard material.

Thickness and Strength

The thickness and strength are the most significant elements of the packaging boxes. No matter how much splendid the packaging box is, it is useless until it depicts the strength and thickness. All the packaging stocks reflect different degrees of thickness and strength. The strength, firmness, and rigidity of the boxes are due to the stock that is being used for their manufacturing. Among all the packaging stocks, the Kraft is the one that is highly rigid and sturdy in nature.

Kraft is an impressive packaging stock that is unmatchable in firmness and strength. Indeed, the literal meaning of Kraftis strength. Hence, these packaging stocks help in the formation of high-strength packaging boxes for the business. These are well known for their splendid durability and reliability. Businesses that deal with heavy equipment must definitely keep Kraft boxes in their inventory.

Economical Packaging Boxes

As the firmness and strength enhance, the price of the stock enhances. The corrugated boxes are more economical than Kraft boxes. Both of these are consideredeconomical packaging boxes but the enhancedthickens, and durability of the Kraft boxes make it a bit costly than the cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes. Placing the order of Kraft boxes and corrugated boxes in bulk quantity would let you relish fabulous discounts. The biodegradable stock is much more reasonable in price and leavesa positive impact on the masses.

Compatibility for Printing

Corrugated stock is the one that reflectsthe high level of compatibility towards the printing. Digital printing seems massively appealing on corrugated boxes. Indeed, it is super easy to print any sort of design on corrugated boxes. However, in the case of Kraft stock, it is necessary to go through the process of bleaching to get rid of the brown color. After accomplishing the process of bleach, one can easily get the desirable stock for printing purposes. The safety of the products is much more in the Kraft boxes as compared to the corrugated boxes.

Customization of Packaging Boxes

Customization is such an element that has the excellent power to drag the attention of the masses towards the product. Yes, no doubt, people feel heavily inclined towards the customized packaging boxes. The corrugated boxes can be shaped into any style, such as gable boxes, pillow boxes, square boxes, triangular boxes, mailer boxes, or any other. However, the Kraft boxes are usually seen in rectangular or square packaging boxes.

The sizes of the corrugated boxes can easily be varied from each other. The high level of flexibility is reflected by the corrugated stock that makes the customization much easier. On the contrary, the Kraft boxes are more rigid and least flexible. So, it is not possible to carry out different typesof experimentation on the Kraft boxes.

Most Popular and Commonly Used Boxes

Corrugated boxes are routinely used boxes and found to be much useful for the unit packaging of the products. These are commonly seen on the retails, while Kraft boxes are manufactured to store and ship the products in bulk. Electronic equipment, heavy machinery, or fragile products cannot be delivered to other countries or far-off places without the use of Kraft boxes.

Corrugated boxes do not need any extra material for their assembling. However, the Kraft boxes often require the proper sealing of these with the assistance of broad tape. The Kraft boxes are much spacious and huge in size than that of the corrugated boxes.