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Detachable applicator for skin care cream


Yonwoo’s Ice Tube from Quadpack helps soothe puffy, swollen skin, thanks to its ice-cold applicator. The perfect package for gel-based formulas, it can be used to relieve muscle pain all over the body, for OTC brands targeting athletes or a wider audience.The detachable applicator is stored in the freezer. Once chilled, it snaps back onto the tube and the product is dabbed onto the face or neck. The effect is instantaneous, bringing rapid relief, reducing swelling and pore size and leaving skin feeling awake and refreshed. Ice Tube is delivered with the cooling gel already inside the applicator. It is available in three-layer, five-layer or Luxefoil, for extra protection of advanced or natural formulations. Available in diameter 40 and capacity range from 50ml to 150ml. The applicator can be personalized by colour matching and sold separately. Multiple decoration options are possible like colour matching, silkscreen, offset, hot stamping, overcap metallizing and coating.